Ways to Attain Balance Between Work Commitment and Flexibility this Holiday Season

During our childhood days, holidays meant freedom from school and studies. It was a time of full-out fun and frolic. However, the scenario gets wholly changed once we become young adults. Today, working professionals need to strike a perfect balance between work, social media and real-life social interactions. A recent study indicated of an average of 24 events that any working professional needs to attend from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve. Moreover, trends in an ever increasing  ensure that work cannot be ignored during festivities. To make juggling between all commitments manageable, we present some super-easy tips that are bound to help you strike the perfect balance between commitment and flexibility, this holiday season. 
Get Organized and Proactive in Your Work
The holiday season brings in a lot of work pressure. You have your taxes to look into; getting work organized for seamless flow; planning vacations and outings with your family etc. The first step is to get organized and proactive in the workplace. Instead of letting work pile up, it should be completed on time and if possible a little early. Planning for future work should be done early, taking into considerations of any potential last minute hiccups. If you can afford to, it is best to budget a bit of cash and let some teenager or any other person looking for extra money do errands for you like getting your shoebox of receipts organized for taxation, packing up all your gifts or any other jobs that you can dish out. It will eliminate much of the stress and leave you with ample time to focus on important chores and spend quality time with your friends.
Prioritize Your Social Commitments
Often, the holiday season leaves people feeling swarmed with invitations to attend parties and events. Prioritize the significant events and parties and let yourself attend only those. Address the rest by sending an apology message along with gifts or any other way in which you do not let down or offend the invitee. This will keep you from getting drained physically as well as mentally. You would thus be able to work as well as party without any stress.
Be Flexible and Firm
Regardless of the social or professional scenario, unforeseen circumstances might come up which can set your plans off track. At those times, it is essential that you prioritize your goals and stick to them. There is no problem in leaving a party an hour early or arriving an hour late so that you could tackle the emergency at work or home. All you need is a little assertiveness and the art of saying ‘no’.
Earn Your Cheats
The holiday season is the season of lavish treats like cakes, puddings, candies, caviar etc. Many merely look longingly at it or beat themselves later for indulging in it. With enough stress and work already on your plate, it is nearly impossible to manage time for workouts during holidays. Give yourself a break and plan a diet and exercise regime a month or two before the holiday season. After all, 'tis the season of indulgence which spans over food as well!
Manage Stress
A little creativity and planning can help you keep stress at bay. Thus think proactively instead of getting stressed out. For instance, resort to online shopping instead of a physical visit to a gift store. Work early mornings and evenings so that you have plenty of time to spend with your family and friends. Get your family and working team involved to tackle things like a breeze. It is smart to remember that a calm mind can move mountains.
Striking a perfect balance between work and fun can be overwhelming but is not an impossible task. A little pre-planning and creative thinking are all that is required.

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