Karen Barrett

Karen Barrett is the Corporate Trainer who works with new and existing staff. Each training she conducts
is linked to the agency’s Vision and Mission.
Karen knows that each training needs to be aligned with the employee’s performance objectives. In
recognizing this, Karen will deliver her trainings with a What, When, and How approach.
Karen has experience working with individuals of all ages, cultures, educational backgrounds, and life
experiences. This includes working with children with ASD and adults diagnosed with a Mental Illness.
She has also worked as a Parent Liaison, supporting the families of clients as a mentor, trainer, and
support system. In her current role, Karen has transformed the initial training process to include a
structured shadowing process; as well as trainings specific to the staff’s career within Therapeutic
Karen has attended several community seminars and trainings that aid in her role as a Corporate
Trainer. Some of the certificates and trainings awarded include: “Train the Trainer”, “Transitioning from
Staff to Supervisor”, RBT (Registered Behavior Technician), WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan),
Mental Health First Aid, IMR (Illness, Management and Recovery). Karen is also a certified CPR/1 st aid
Karen holds a BA degree in Communications, with a minor in Journalism from the University of