Managing ‘Ego’ in Relationships


Ego has been an eminent factor in deteriorating the quality of relationships, and it is not merely a loophole for people who are dating but holds its adverse consequences for all kinds of relationship. Ego makes you lose your best friends and creates a wedge with your close relatives. If you had also experienced a string of unsuccessful relations in your life, you should learn to let go of your ego.

People Often Mix Ego with Self-Esteem
Some people think being egotistical works well for their self-esteem but that is not real. Having self-esteem is deemed positive, conversely, ego makes you lose all.
Here is how you can differentiate between ego and self-esteem.
-A person’s self-worth with high levels of ego is controlled by external factors- mainly feedback from others.
-A person with high self-esteem determines his self-worth with internal factors such as personal vision, passion, and belief.
Consequences of Ego
People who fall prey to being egotistical often feel insecure about themselves, leaving them in the quest for hiding their insecurities by sounding to be important or better than others. You should try to replace your ego with self-esteem and feel firm about your abilities.
3 Steps to Manage Your Ego
Undoubtedly, we all are statues of ego, however, we must learn to minimize it. Letting your ego go unchecked may bring tremendous turmoil to your future life, precisely with your spouse or partner. If you have fear, resentment, jealousy, and anger for your close relationships, you are feeding the products of ego.
1. Hanging on
Sometimes we are in a bad relationship because our ego will not allow us to accept our judgment of our partner’s character was wrong. This is very normal and we all face it when being cheated on. The ego is battered and the relationship we’ve invested so much of our years seem to stop working with a snap of a finger. Our egos do not let us accept that. So, hang on to the bond you have shared with your partner and prove that you are worthy to be a part of it. Here you need to manage your ego and strive to save your relationship. The tip is to think about the best times you’ve had with your partner.
2. Stop Wishing To Be Right Always
For the people, with high levels of ego, being right all the time is necessary. If you want to be right to feel worthy you cannot let your ego go off. Sadly, this occurs at the expense of everything else. At this point in time, you need to go through a reality check that the self-created worth you achieve from sticking to your guns and “being right” does not outweigh true pleasure.
3. Fear of Rejection
Ego prevails when you have fear of rejection. Start loving yourself, this is the simple tip to manage your ego. You should remind yourself that you deserve only positive vibes in life. Life is not about failures, however, in some situations, you might get rejected but that certainly does not imply that you are not capable of winning.

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