How to Fight Anxiety

Fighting anxiety is a continuous effort. The first rule to lead a happy life is to eradicate anxiety all in all. That definitely calls out a war between you and anxiety. You have to fight for it right off the bat so that you do not lose out on great opportunities in life ahead.
Win the War Against Anxiety
The truth often revolves around a myth that fighting anxiety may bring more stress to your life. But always remember fighting it like a warrior makes you stronger each day diminishing the stress level to its ultimate end.
Below are few helpful practices to adapt to beat anxiety.
Wipe Out Anxiety for Good
You do not want anxiety to plunge in your life goals again and again. If all the time you keep battling with anxiety when you are going to focus on the happiness in your life? You want to fight it once for all. You need to trust me on this! There is no gain in running away from your fears. Facing them will give you courage and they will eventually begin to fade.
For instance, you had a fear getting in the lift earlier today; you should get back into it until your fear is gone. Panic is just going to make it worse. So come on, let’s face it!
Spend Some Time Exercising
You have got absolutely no idea how important it is to exercise to sustain your mental health. It could not be emphasized enough. It is the most reliable and powerful tool to control and diminish anxiety. If you are not considering it, you are doing the least to become free from anxiety.
Take Deep Breaths
If you start feeling anxiety; your palms all sweating and your heartbeat getting faster, the best option does not rest in fighting.  Put your palm on your stomach and start breathing deeply and quite slowly. This will make you calm at the moment and will help you to overcome anxiety.
The Worst Thing to Happen
If you tend to imagine the worst thing that could happen to you, you have already won the half battle through. Imagining the worst does not shape up as reality but it makes you face your fear. The fear itself runs away when you tend to chase it.
Take Out Time for Yourself
Your mind does not perform the way it should perform when enveloped with anxiety. The first thing to do is to take out time for you to peace out. Distract yourself from all the worries by walking around the corner, making your favorite dish or chewing a gum. This will assist you to calm down physically.
Tips to Remember
Just remember you live only once so it is totally your choice; do you want anxiety to control your life? Or you are ready to face your fears with a courageous attitude. You certainly have the power to handle your fears and crush them down forever. You do not merely have to fight anxiety but you have to cure it forever. As beating anxiety will help you diminish it for the time being but curing it will leave it dead for the rest of your life. And let me tell you the warrior is right inside you!

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