Tips to Overcome Depression

Life has become so hectic that out of 10 people 6 of them are leading a depressed life. Day to day life makes us confront different issues non-stop. The death of someone whom you love, relationships, divorce, poor health etc can put anyone under depression. No matter how hard life can be, it continues to move on. If you are sad due to some problem and continue to think of that problem then it is only you who can fight back and live a happy life. Fighting depression is not hard if you seek the right help and check within yourself regularly. If you are determined to fight depression then here are some tips to overcome depression.
Exercise Mindfulness
Everything looks wrong when you are depressed and worry without cause about the negative possibilities that may arise in future. It is better to focus on the present moment. Someone rightly said that we should forget the past, live in the present. The more you focus on your present moment the less you worry about our future. Exercising mindfulness about different things leaves less time to worry about different things.
Listen to Music
Music has the power to uplift your mood and soul. A sweet tune creates a positive vibe and changes the atmosphere quickly. Listen to happy music and think of the happy times. This will alter the chemistry of your brain and improve your mood.
The Magic of Touch Therapy
It has been proved that touch therapy can help to overcome the depression by increasing the good hormone oxytocin. Acupuncture, massage, reflexology, acupressure, and reiki are such therapies that can help to depression.
The Power of Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Research says that lack of fatty acid such as EPA can lead to depression. This can lead to sleep disorders, anxiety, sadness and much more. Therefore, it is important to have a diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Include flaxseeds, walnuts, salmon or tuna.
Connect with Friends
Who doesn’t like to spend time with their close friends? Yes, it is the best activity when you are feeling depressed. Go out with friends and spend time them. Talk about your life or relive some old memories. This will put a great positive effect on your mood. 
Get Enough Sleep
There is a close connection between sleep and mood. Inadequate sleep can lead to stress, irritation. Taking a healthy sleep enhance mood and also lead to well being. Therefore, it is recommended to sleep 7.5-8 hours a day.
Do Exercise
Exercise is good to remain healthy. It also helps to fight depression. To improve your mood, exercise regularly as it releases endorphins that increases a positive mood and also provides many health benefits. It protects against cancer, heart disease, and boosts self-esteem. 30 minutes or brisk walking or some stretching is a good way to start your day.
Don’t Give Up
Lastly, don’t give up. Depression can make you feel isolated and you want to hide yourself from the world. To fight depression, you need to be strong and determined. Follow these tips to overcome your depression and live a happy life.

Aim Towards the GOAL!

“Hindrances are what we see when we take our eyes off the goal” ~Anonymous
We should put all our efforts and aim at our goal and should not be affected by small obstructions which come in the way. By doing so we produce energy which helps us to aim at our goal. When ants leave their colonies, their aim is to return with food for them. All day ants stay focused on collecting food and does not give up until they find enough food. They are driven by the goal of providing for their fellow ants. Google’s statement of philosophy lists ten things the company must be true to. It is clear and has brought Google success.
  • Focus on the user and all else will follow your footsteps
  • It’s best to do one thing really, really well
  • Fast is better than slow
  • There’s always more information out there  Be ready to absorb as much information as you can.
  • Great just isn’t good enough. By staying focused on our vision and purpose, we are able to achieve success despite facing obstacles.
Hindrances are part and parcel of life. When we aim at the goal, hindrances doesn’t matter. In fact, they help us challenging ourselves and become opportunities. Every time one door closes, there’s always another door just next to it. So, where are we going to keep our eyes? Well, the answer is simple, we need to keep our eye on the opening door and not the closing door. Such is the case with corporate life.
If we find that things are getting unmanageable, we can break our tasks into smaller pieces. Our goals can be semi-annual, quarterly, monthly, or weekly.We can even further break down our weekly goals into daily goals.

Fidgets and Autism – How They Help?

Fidget Spinners is the new trend that has taken the world by storm. Parents with special kids have embraced these toys. From children to adults, fidget spinners are trending around the world. The motion of this small toy provides a great sensory experience. It is reported by Washington’s Top News (WTOP) that fidgets are small toys that can be spun fast with fingers and meant for those kids with autism. Some companies are even advertising them as stress relievers.
What are Spinners?
Fidget Spinners are small toys usually made of plastic that have three prongs and spin on ball bearings on the inside. They have bearing in the center where you hold them. You need to flick one of the prongs and they will spin just like ceiling fan. This small device is made for kids with autism. These devices help such kids to focus and help them to enhance their power of concentration.
Fidgets are perfect toys for kids who can follow rules, but are they really helpful for kids across the autism spectrum ? Well, we know that kids who have autism often have difficulty in learning, focusing and it is hard to ignore these things. Every parent wants best for their kids. If the use of fidgets can be directed towards learning, then it will put a positive impact on both sides of the brain and help kids to improve their learning abilities. No doubt, people use fidgets mainly for play but if they are used for right things like focusing or learning them kids with autism can benefit a lot.
In research and different case studies, it has shown that learning is highly enhanced by sensory input and movement. When fidgets are introduced in the market, learning is quite enhanced that lead to the broad understanding of student learning and human cognition.
For instance, a study conducted in Georgia in the sixth-grade classroom and it shows positive effects of spinning fidgets. The students have shown great improvement and their writing score increased from 73% to 83% with the use of fidgets. Even students who have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) have shown great progress and their writing score increase to 27%.
In short, the user gets an opportunity to hold something in their hands and focus on the task at hand. They are useful for students to improve their concentrating power and manage more tasks, remember information and plan work. The right use of fidgets really makes a positive impact to someone with autism. Overall, fidgets are small in size and easy to use the toy and have attracted people of all ages. Kids with autism really benefit from them.

Happiness is About Being Positive!

Someone has rightly said “Happiness is about caring and being positive”. If you see things in positive manner you would be far away from negative energies and your inner self would be happy.
Some tips for being positive:
  1. Balance Work-Life – Work life balance is an art of managing time. Channelizing your time by setting priorities can ensure you strike the right balance. As an employee we constantly think about work. It’s an integral part of our lives – like a fresh cup of morning tea. We work all around the year, but also ensure that we spend quality time with family.
  2. A Happy and Fit State of Being – Being fit is all about carrying yourself well in body and mind. Few activities like running and yoga keeps us fit. It helps us in giving inner peace and a lot of patience to get going.
  3. Happiness High – Solving complex problems gives you high energy. Yes you read it right! When we start solving complex problem, we put lot of efforts to solve the problem and when it’s solved we are happy from within. It brings out positivity and confidence in you.
  4. Life Challenges – I once read in a book that the road to success is through commitment and one needs strength to drive through the commitment when the road is rough.
Joy and contentment can come from small and most unexpected things if only we program our mind to enjoy these little things.

Have a Positive Start of the Day!

“Wake up with an attitude of gratitude.”
It’s still dark as your alarm bell goes off. You pull up the curtains and the cold winter is waiting for you outside of the window. As you stumble out of bed and into the shower a new day begins. So how can you make it more likely that it will be a good or even great day?
Well, in my experience, what you do early in the morning often sets the tone for the rest of the day.
One small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day as each new day holds so much potential. The possibilities that today offers are so endless, so eagerly anticipate wonderful happenings.
“Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” – Francis of Assisi
4 positive ways to start your day
Take decisions in the morning as the mind is clear. It is imperative to begin the day on a positive note, and this sets the base for a productive day.
Balance Your PH levels – The nature of the body is acidic. The safest way to balance it is by starting your day by drinking a warm glass of water with a dash of lemon or lime. Start your morning with meditation and visualization.
Meditation is a powerful activity to focus our energies in the right direction.
Visualize your goals. Also, visualize the day ahead and see two most important goals achieved vividly in the mind. Everything does happen twice, first in the mind and then in reality. By creating a clear picture in our mind, we can be closer to achieving it in reality in more or less the same manner.
Practice this and you will see your life change. Make sure you exercise at least an hour a day. It builds good hormones which can fuel the day towards positive things.