Our Philosophy

We believe that our clients and their families come to us with a unique set of challenges, so we provide them quality individualized treatment. We recognize our clients and their family members are the primary change agents. The therapist is present to facilitate those changes. The objective is to provide comprehensive individualized services by using a holistic approach.

 Our Vision

Our goal is provide culturally sensitive services to those in need in fun and loving ways. This mission inspires us to create a team of people so committed, dedicated, and skilled that any dream is instantly turned into reality. We strive to better serve our associates by reducing turnover, making sure our clients establish a strong clinical relationship with their counselors. We wish to better serve our associates as they visit our clients; we make work like play.
The welfare of our clients is our greatest priority. We believe that our individualized treatment approach and our ability to form lasting working relationships with clients are our greatest assets.

Our Mission

To take children that are struggling to meet their emotional needs and transform them in their home environment, with their loved ones.
We provide effective in-home and office-based services and treatment to the families of children who are experiencing behavioral and emotional difficulties or have been subjected to abuse or neglect and are at high risk of being removed from the family home.